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verb | verbo

debase verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
debased, has debased, is debasing, debases
degradar, envilecer

Example sentences of
debase verb

  • The governor debased himself by lying to the public.
  • The holiday has been debased by commercialism.

Detailed synonyms for debase verb

1. Debase, deprave, corrupt, debauch, pervert significan causar un deterioro o reducción en la calidad o el carácter.
  • Debase indica una pérdida de posición, valor o dignidad <saying he had debased himself by abandoning his family>.
    antonyms: elevate, amend
  • Deprave indica deterioro moral causado por malos pensamientos o influencias <claimed that rock music were depraving the young>.
  • Corrupt indica la pérdida de solidez, pureza, o integridad como resultado de influencias degradantes o destructoras <believes that slang corrupts the language>.
  • Debauch indica una desmoralización o envilecimiento como resultado de la gratificación sensual <fell into a debauched life after the divorce>.
  • Pervert indica una distorsión o desviación de lo natural o normal que envilece totalmente <perverted the original goals of the institute>.
2. See: Abase

deber verbo

must, have to; to owe; should, ought to; must

Reverse translation for debase

degradar  - to degrade, to debase, to demote 
envilecer  - to degrade, to debase 
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