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2 Translation results for deadly in Spanish

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deadly adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
mortal, letal, mortífero; certero, preciso; capital; funesto, aburrido; extremo, absoluto

Example sentences of
deadly adjective

  • the world's most deadly snake
  • a more deadly form of the disease
  • They launched a deadly attack.
  • Officers are allowed to use deadly force if necessary.
  • She shoots with deadly accuracy.
  • a basketball player with deadly aim
  • A deadly silence followed his question.
  • The two gang leaders are deadly enemies.
  • He spoke with deadly seriousness.

Detailed synonyms for deadly adjective

Deadly, mortal, fatal, lethal, toxic, poisonous significan que causa o es capaz de causar la muerte.
  • Deadly se aplica a lo que es seguro de causar la muerte, o que es muy capaz de causarla <a deadly disease>.
  • Mortal se aplica a lo que ha causado la muerte o está a punto de causarla <a mortal wound>.
    antonyms: venial sobre todo del pecado)
  • Fatal recalca lo inevitable de la muerte o destrucción eventual <fatal consequences>.
  • Lethal se aplica a algo que es seguro de causar la muerte o cuya finalidad es la destrucción de la vida <lethal gas>.
  • Toxic connota algo suficientemente venenoso como para causar la muerte o debilitación severa <an insecticide highly toxic to birds>.
  • Poisonous significa que causa enfermedad o muerte cuando penetra o entra en contacto con el cuerpo <poisonous mushrooms>.

deadly adverb

unfavorite favorite play sound
extremadamente, sumamente

Example sentences of
deadly adverb

  • I'm deadly serious about making an offer on the house.

Reverse translation for deadly

mortal  - mortal, fatal, deadly 
letal  - deadly, lethal 
mortífero  - deadly, fatal 
certero  - accurate, precise 
preciso  - precise, very, exact, necessary 
capital  - (error) major, gross, huge, primary, capital, main 
funesto  - terrible, disastrous 
aburrido  - bored, tired, fed up, boring, tedious 
extremo  - extreme, utmost, excessive 
absoluto  - absolute, unconditional 
extremadamente  - extremely, exceedingly 
sumamente  - extremely, exceedingly 
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