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noun | adjective

dark noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
oscuridad, noche

Example sentences of
dark noun

  • He's 12 years old and still afraid of the dark.
  • The burglars hid in the dark between the two buildings.
  • He bought the kids special rings that glow in the dark.
  • We'd better get home before dark.
  • They waited until after dark to begin their escape.
  • He uses lots of darks in his decorating.
  • Wash the lights and the darks separately.

dark adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
oscuro (dícese del ambiente o de los colores), moreno (dícese del pelo o de la piel); sombrío, triste

Example sentences of
dark adjective

  • She sat in the dark room alone.
  • Soon it will be dark enough to see the stars.
  • It was a dark and stormy night.
  • Dark clouds of smoke were coming from the windows.
  • She's wearing a dark suit to the interview.
  • a man wearing dark clothing
  • You've got dark circles under your eyes this morning.
  • dark spots on the skin

Synonyms of
dark adjective

Detailed synonyms for dark adjective

Dark, dim, dusky, murky, gloomy significan más o menos carente de luz.
  • Dark, el término general, indica una falta de iluminación absoluta o virtual <a dark cave>.
    antonyms: light
  • Dim connota una luz demasiado débil como para ver claramente las cosas <always met in a dim corner of the bar>.
    antonyms: bright, distinct
  • Dusky connota una profunda penumbra y una estrecha proximidad a la oscuridad <returning through the dusky woods at the end of the day>.
  • Murky indica una oscuridad pesada y espesa como la causada por el humo, la niebla, el polvo en el aire o el lodo en el agua <fish cannot live in the river's murky waters>.
  • Gloomy indica una seria interferencia con la radiación normal de la luz y connota tristeza y pesimismo <a gloomy room in the basement of the house>.

Related phrases for dark

Reverse translation for dark

oscuridad  - darkness, obscurity 
noche  - night, nighttime, evening 
oscuro  (dícese del ambiente o de los colores) - dark, obscure 
moreno  (dícese del pelo o de la piel) - brunette, dark, dark-skinned 
sombrío  - dark, somber, gloomy 
triste  - sad, gloomy, desolate, dismal, sorry, sorry-looking, downcast 
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