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2 Translation results for cup in Spanish

noun | verb

cup noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
taza; media pinta (unidad de medida); copa; trofeo

Example sentences of
cup noun

  • We drink a cup of tea every morning.
  • Would you like another cup of tea?
  • The winner will take home the cup.

Synonyms of
cup noun

cup verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
cupped, has cupped, is cupping, cups
ahuecar (las manos)

Example sentences of
cup verb

  • He cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted at us.
  • I had to cup my hand to my ear in order to hear him.
  • He cupped his mouth with his hands and shouted at us.
  • I sat with my chin cupped in my hand.

Reverse translation for cup

taza  - cup, cupful, (toilet) bowl, basin (of a fountain) 
media pinta  (unidad de medida)
copa  - wineglass, goblet, drink, cup, trophy 
trofeo  - trophy 
ahuecar  (las manos) - to hollow out, to cup (one's hands), to plump up, to fluff up 
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