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verb | noun

creep verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
crept, has crept, is creeping, creeps
arrastrarse, gatear; moverse lentamente o sigilosamente; trepar (dícese de una planta)

Example sentences of
creep verb

  • She crept toward the edge of the roof and looked over.
  • I caught him creeping down the stairs to the kitchen.
  • She crept into bed next to her sleeping husband.
  • The hours crept by as we waited for morning.
  • a train creeping through the town
  • The price of gasoline has crept back up to three dollars a gallon.
  • A few mistakes crept in during the last revision of the paper.
  • new words creeping into the language

Detailed synonyms for creep verb

1. Creep, crawl, slither significan desplazarse sobre una superficie en una posición agachada o boca abajo.
  • Creep se usa más en relación con cuadrúpedos o seres humanos que se mueven a gatas y proceden con lentitud, sigilo o silencio <she crept up close to the door to listen>.
  • Crawl se aplica a animales que carecen de patas o tienen muchas patas pequeñas, y que parecen desplazarse tirando o jalando el cuerpo sobre una superficie, o bien se aplica a seres humanos que imitan este movimiento <unable to walk, he tried to crawl to the door>.
  • Slither significa moverse deslizándose como una serpiente <a cat slithered under the porch as we approached>.
2. See: Lurk

creep noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
paso lento; asqueroso, -sa

Example sentences of
creep noun

  • I get the creeps every time he walks by.
  • I hate snakes. They give me the creeps.
  • That guy gives me the creeps.

Synonyms of
creep noun

Phrasal verbs for creep

  • creep out - (argot) intimidar, crispar los nervios

Reverse translation for creep

arrastrarse  - to crawl, to grovel 
gatear  - to crawl, to climb, to clamber (up) 
trepar  (dícese de una planta) - to climb, to creep, to spread (of a plant) 
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