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2 Translation results for craft in Spanish

noun | verb

craft noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
oficio; arte, artesanía, destreza; astucia, maña; barco, embarcación; avión, aeronave

Example sentences of
craft noun

  • The craft of cabinetmaking was much admired in colonial times.
  • They borrowed a craft to get across the river.

Detailed synonyms for craft noun

See: Art, Art, Boat

craft verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
crafted, has crafted, is crafting, crafts
manufacturar, confeccionar, hacer, crear; (cuento) escribir

Example sentences of
craft verb

  • The furniture is crafted from bamboo.
  • He is crafting a new sculpture.
  • She crafted a strategy to boost the company's earnings.

Reverse translation for craft

oficio  - trade, profession, function, role, official communication, experience, religious ceremony 
arte  - art, skill, cunning, cleverness 
artesanía  - craftsmanship, handicrafts, arts and crafts 
destreza  - dexterity, skill 
astucia  - astuteness, shrewdness, cunning, guile 
maña  - hand, coat (of paint or varnish), buddy, pal 
barco  - boat, ship 
embarcación  - boat, craft 
avión  - airplane 
aeronave  - aircraft 
manufacturar  - to manufacture 
confeccionar  - to make, to produce, to prepare 
hacer  - to act, to make, to do, to perform, to force, to oblige 
crear  - to create, to cause, to originate 
escribir  (cuento)
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