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2 Translation results for covering in Spanish

noun | verb

covering noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
envoltura, cubierta, revestimiento

Example sentences of
covering noun

  • With the commotion on the dance floor as a covering, we were able to slip out undetected.
  • The plastic coverings on lamp shades should be removed.

cover verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
covered, has covered, is covering, covers
cubrir, tapar; encubrir, proteger; tratar

Example sentences of
cover verb

  • The gardener covered the soil with mulch.
  • The furniture had been covered in a protective cloth.
  • We covered the stains on the wall with a fresh coat of paint.
  • You should cover your mouth when you cough.
  • She covered her head with a scarf.
  • tables covered with white linen
  • Lakes cover much of the state.
  • The hikers covered long distances every day.
  • The bird may cover thousands of miles during its migration.

Detailed synonyms for cover verb

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Reverse translation for covering

envoltura  - wrapper, wrapping 
cubierta  - covering, cover, jacket (of a book), deck 
revestimiento  - covering, facing (of a building) 
cubrir  - to cover 
tapar  - to cover, to cover up, to block, to obstruct 
encubrir  - to cover up, to conceal 
proteger  - to protect, to defend 
tratar  - to treat, to handle 
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