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counter noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
ficha (de un juego); mostrador (de un negocio), ventanilla (en un banco); contador (aparato); fuerza opuesta, contrapeso

Example sentences of
counter noun

  • He walked up to the counter and ordered his food.

Synonyms of
counter noun

counter verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
countered, has countered, is countering, counters
responder, contraatacar; oponerse a, resistir

Example sentences of
counter verb

  • When they blamed him for the collapse of the bridge, he countered that his warnings about the bridge had been ignored.
  • “I could say the same thing about you,” she countered.
  • After she made her point, he could not counter with anything.
  • "I could say the same thing about you," she countered.

Detailed synonyms for counter verb

See: Oppose

counter adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
contrario, opuesto

Example sentences of
counter adjective

  • was unprepared for such a strong counter campaign by opponents of the legislative bill

counter- prefix

unfavorite favorite
contra-; en contra de; en respuesta a

counter adverb

unfavorite favorite play sound

Related phrases for counter

Reverse translation for counter

ficha  (de un juego) - index card, file, record, token, domino, checker, counter, poker chip 
mostrador  (de un negocio) - counter (in a store) 
ventanilla  (en un banco) - window (of a vehicle or airplane), ticket window, box office 
contador  (aparato) - meter, accountant 
contrapeso  - counterbalance 
responder  - to answer, to answer, to reply, to respond 
contraatacar  - to counterattack 
resistir  - to resist, to stand, to bear, to tolerate, to withstand 
contrario  - contrary, opposite, conflicting, opposed 
opuesto  - opposite, contrary, opposed 
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