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2 Translation results for corto in English

adjetivo | verbo

corto adjetivo

short (in length or duration); scarce; timid, shy

cortar verbo

to cut; to cut, to slice, to trim; to break up; to cut out, to omit; to cut off, to interrupt; to hang up (the telephone); to block, to close off; to curdle (milk)

Reverse translation for corto

short  (in length or duration) - corto (de medida), bajo (de estatura), corto, brusco, cortante, seco, corto (de tiempo, de dinero) 
scarce  - escaso 
timid  - tímido 
shy  - tímido, cauteloso, corto (de dinero, etc.) 
to cut  - cortar, cortarse, recortar, cruzar, atravesar, acortar, abreviar, reducir, rebajar 
to slice  - cortar 
to trim  - recortar, adornar, decorar, reducir 
to cut out  - recortar 
to omit  - omitir, excluir 
to interrupt  - interrumpir 
to hang up  (the telephone) - colgar 
to block  - obstruir, bloquear, atascar, atorar 
to curdle  (milk)
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