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4 Translation results for cool in Spanish

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cool adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
fresco, frío; tranquilo, sereno; distante; (argot) genial, guay, a todo dar, chévere; (argot) a la moda

Example sentences of
cool adjective

  • The surface is cool to the touch.
  • The plant grows best in cool climates.
  • We changed into some cooler clothes.
  • She remained calm, cool, and collected.
  • I love that cool vintage shirt you bought downtown!
  • That new club plays cool music on Thursday nights.
  • The weather is cool today.
  • I'm feeling a little cool.
  • She remained calm, cool, and collected.

Detailed synonyms for cool adjective

Cool, composed, unruffled, imperturbable, nonchalant, unflappable significan libre, ya sea en realidad o en apariencia, de agitación o excitación.
  • Cool puede indicar calma, apacibilidad o ecuanimidad <kept a cool head during the emergency>.
    antonyms: ardent, agitated
  • Composed indica el estar libre de agitación como resultado de la autodisciplina o de una disposición tranquila <though he suffered from severe anxiety, he could manage to appear composed>.
    antonyms: discomposed, anxious
  • Unruffled connota serenidad y aplomo aparentes ante los reveses o en medio del alboroto <he remained unruffled in the midst of the uproar>.
    antonyms: ruffled, excited
  • Imperturbable indica un temperamento tranquilo o seguro, aún bajo severa provocación <the speaker maintained her air of imperturbable calm>.
    antonyms: touchy
  • Nonchalant recalca una manera serena y sencilla, o una tranquilidad que indica indiferencia o despreocupación <his nonchalant manner only enraged her more>.
  • Unflappable indica que no se molesta fácilmente en situaciones difíciles <an unflappable manager>.

cool noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
fresco; calma, serenidad

Example sentences of
cool noun

  • the judge's customary cool stood him in good stead during the sensational trial
  • I envy you your cool.

Synonyms of
cool noun

Detailed synonyms for cool noun

See: Equanimity

cool verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
cooled, has cooled, is cooling, cools
refrescar, enfriar; refrescarse, enfriarse; calmarse, tranquilizarse

Example sentences of
cool verb

  • The fan cools the engine.
  • the cooling effect of the breeze
  • Allow the cake to cool before slicing.
  • the cooling of the ocean waters
  • I took a break from the discussion to allow my anger to cool.
  • His interest in her has cooled somewhat.

cool interjection

unfavorite favorite play sound
(informal) genial, guay, chévere

Reverse translation for cool

fresco  - fresh, cool, insolent, nervy 
frío  - cold, cool, indifferent 
tranquilo  - calm, tranquil 
sereno  - serene, calm, composed, fair, clear (of weather), calm, still (of the sea) 
distante  - distant, far-off, aloof 
genial  (argot)
chévere  - great, fantastic 
a la moda  (argot)
fresco  - coolness, fresh air, fresco 
calma  - calm, quiet 
serenidad  - serenity, calmness 
refrescar  - to refresh, to cool, to turn cooler, to brush up (on) 
enfriar  - to chill, to cool, to get cold, to cool down, to dampen 
enfriarse  - to get chilled, to catch a cold 
calmarse  - to calm down 
tranquilizarse  - to calm down 
genial  (informal)
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