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contain verb

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contained, has contained, is containing, contains

Example sentences of
contain verb

  • The room was barely big enough to contain everyone who came to the meeting.
  • The book contains over 200 recipes.
  • The article contains information on how to plan your retirement.
  • foods that contain a high level of fat
  • The movie contains something for both children and adults.
  • State health officials have succeeded in containing the virus.

Synonyms of
contain verb

Detailed synonyms for contain verb

Contain, hold, accommodate, enclose, surround significan llevar dentro de sí o tener esta capacidad.
  • Contain indica la presencia real de una sustancia o cantidad determinada dentro de algo <the can contains about a quart of oil>.
  • Hold indica la capacidad de contener o guardar <the container will hold a gallon of liquid>.
  • Accommodate indica el contener sin amontonamiento o inconveniencia <the banquet hall can accommodate 500 diners>.
  • Enclose generalmente implica encercar <they enclosed the area> o colocar en un sobre <I'm enclosing a check>.
  • Surround, un término amplio que frecuentemente indica rodear, ya sea activamente o pasivamente <trees surround the house>.

Reverse translation for contain

contener  - to contain, to hold, to restrain, to hold back 
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