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consider verb

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considered, has considered, is considering, considers
considerar, pensar en; tener en cuenta; estimar

Example sentences of
consider verb

  • We are considering you for the job.
  • She refused to consider my request.
  • He seriously considered changing careers.
  • The jury has considered the evidence and reached a verdict.
  • The policy was well researched and well considered.
  • Please consider what I've said.
  • We never considered the possibility that the plan could fail.
  • He paused a moment to consider before responding.
  • You have to consider that he is only three years old.
  • When you consider how long she worked there, it's surprising that she would leave so suddenly.

Detailed synonyms for consider verb

Consider, study, contemplate, weigh, ponder, mull over significan pensar o meditar con el fin de aumentar el conocimiento o llegar a una conclusión o decisión.
  • Consider puede connotar el pensar o meditar una cosa para llegar a una buena conclusión, opinión o decisión <refused even to consider my proposal>.
  • Study indica una concentración sostenida y determinada, y una atención que revelará detalles y minucias <study the budget before making sweeping cuts>.
  • Contemplate recalca el enfocar uno sus pensamientos en algo, a menudo sin indicación alguna de propósito o resultado <contemplate the consequences of such a decision>.
  • Weigh indica el hacer un intento de alcanzar la verdad o de llegar a una decisión balanceando las afirmaciones o la evidencia en conflicto <weigh the pros and cons of the case>.
  • Ponder supone el dar consideración seria y juiciosa a algo <for several minutes she pondered the situation in silence>.
  • Mull over indica pensar acerca de algo lentamente y cuidadosamente <it's an interesting offer, but we need time to mull it over>.

Reverse translation for consider

considerar  - to consider, to think over, to judge, to deem, to treat with respect 
estimar  - to esteem, to respect, to estimate, to appraise, to consider, to deem 
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