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compound noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
compuesto, mezcla; recinto (de residencias, etc.)

Detailed synonyms for compound noun

See: Mixture

compound adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound

Example sentences of
compound adjective

  • “Steamboat” is a compound noun.
  • “I told him to leave and he left” is a compound sentence.
  • "Steamboat" is a compound noun.
  • "I told him to leave and he left" is a compound sentence.

compound verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
compounded, has compounded, is compounding, compounds
combinar, componer; agravar, aumentar

Example sentences of
compound verb

  • The interest is compounded at regular intervals.
  • we compounded our error by waiting too long to call for help

Synonyms of
compound verb

Detailed synonyms for compound verb

See: Increase

Related phrases for compound

Reverse translation for compound

compuesto  - compound 
mezcla  - mixing, mixture, admixture, blend, mortar (masonry material) 
recinto  (de residencias, etc.) - enclosure, site, premises 
compuesto  - fixed, repaired, compound, composite, decked out, spruced up 
combinar  - to combine, to mix together, to match, to put together 
componer  - to fix, to repair, to make up, to compose, to compose, to write, to set (a bone) 
agravar  - to increase (weight), to make heavier, to aggravate, to worsen 
aumentar  - to rise, to increase, to grow, to increase, to raise 
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