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2 Translation results for commission in Spanish

noun | verb

commission noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
nombramiento (al grado de oficial); comisión, comité; realización (de un acto)

Example sentences of
commission noun

  • She served on the city's water commission.
  • Both states set up commissions to examine their public schools.
  • She gets a commission for each car she sells.
  • The salespeople in that store all work on commission.
  • a weapon used in the commission of a crime

Synonyms of
commission noun

commission verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
commissioned, has commissioned, is commissioning, commissions
nombrar (un oficial); comisionar, encargar

Example sentences of
commission verb

  • A portrait of the queen was commissioned.
  • The magazine commissioned a story about the world's best beaches.
  • The report on poverty was commissioned by the governor.
  • The king commissioned the artist to paint his portrait.
  • She was commissioned in the Navy as a captain.
  • The ship was commissioned in 2004.

Reverse translation for commission

nombramiento  (al grado de oficial) - appointment, nomination 
comisión  - commission, committing, committee, percentage, commission 
comité  - committee 
realización  (de un acto) - execution, realization 
nombrar  (un oficial) - to appoint, to mention, to name 
comisionar  - to commission 
encargar  - to put in charge of, to recommend, to advise, to order, to request 
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