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2 Translation results for collapse in Spanish

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collapse verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
collapsed, has collapsed, is collapsing, collapses
derrumbarse, desplomarse, hundirse; caerse; fracasar, quebrar, arruinarse; plegarse
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A footbridge collapsed in heavy rains.

Example sentences of
collapse verb

  • He collapsed on stage during the performance and had to be rushed to the hospital.
  • The chair he was sitting in collapsed.
  • He collapsed on stage during the performance and had to be rushed to the hospital.
  • She came home from work and collapsed on the sofa.
  • The crying child ran to his mother and collapsed in her arms.
  • The civilization collapsed for reasons that are still unknown.
  • He warned that such measures could cause the economy to collapse.
  • The roof collapsed under a heavy load of snow.

Synonyms of
collapse verb

collapse noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
derrumbe, desplome; fracaso, colapso (físico), quiebra (económica)

Example sentences of
collapse noun

  • The structure is in danger of collapse.
  • She was on the verge of collapse.
  • The country has endured civil war and economic collapse.

Detailed synonyms for collapse noun

See: Ruin

Reverse translation for collapse

derrumbarse  - to collapse, to break down 
desplomarse  - to plummet, to fall, to collapse, to break down 
hundirse  - to sink down, to cave in, to break down, to go to pieces 
caerse  - to fall down 
fracasar  - to fail, to fall through 
quebrar  - to go bankrupt, to break, to fall out, to break up, to bend, to twist 
arruinarse  - to be ruined, to fall into ruin, to go bankrupt 
plegarse  - to give in, to yield 
derrumbe  - collapse, fall, landslide 
desplome  - fall, drop, collapse 
fracaso  - failure, (figurative) train wreck 
colapso  (físico) - collapse, standstill 
quiebra  (económica) - break, crack, failure, bankruptcy 
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