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clearance noun

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despeje; espacio (libre), margen; autorización, despacho (de la aduana); liquidación

Example sentences of
clearance noun

  • She has a security clearance that allows her to see the classified information.
  • The pilot got clearance to land.
  • That flight has not received clearance for landing.
  • There was only 10 inches of clearance between the car and the side of the tunnel.
  • a bridge with a 100-foot clearance above the water
  • the clearance of forests for farming
  • slum clearance to make room for new housing

Synonyms of
clearance noun

Related phrases for clearance

Reverse translation for clearance

despeje  - clearing, punt (in sports) 
espacio  (libre) - space, room, period, length (of time) 
margen  - bank (of a river), side (of a street), edge, border, margin 
autorización  - authorization 
despacho  (de la aduana) - dispatch, shipment, office, study 
liquidación  - liquidation, clearance sale, settlement, payment 
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