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2 Translation results for clash in Spanish

verb | noun

clash verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
clashed, has clashed, is clashing, clashes
sonar, chocarse; chocar, enfrentarse; estar en conflicto, oponerse; desentonar (dícese de los colores), coincidir (dícese de los datos)

Example sentences of
clash verb

  • Police and protesters clashed yesterday.
  • The sofa and the chair clash.
  • She ended the song by clashing the cymbals.

Synonyms of
clash verb

clash noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
ruido (producido por un choque); enfrentamiento, conflicto, choque; desentono (de colores), coincidencia (de datos)

Example sentences of
clash noun

  • Hundreds were killed in ethnic clashes in the region last month.
  • a clash between rival gangs that resulted in some serious injuries

Detailed synonyms for clash noun

See: Battle

Reverse translation for clash

sonar  - to ring, to sound, to blow (a trumpet, a nose), to ring (bells), to look or sound familiar 
chocar  - to crash, to collide, to shake (hands), to clash, to conflict, to clink glasses, to be shocking, to be unpleasant or obnoxious 
enfrentarse  - quarrel, fight, confront, face 
desentonar  (dícese de los colores) - to clash, to conflict, to be out of tune, to sing off-key 
coincidir  (dícese de los datos) - to coincide, to agree 
ruido  (producido por un choque) - noise, sound 
enfrentamiento  - clash, confrontation 
conflicto  - conflict 
choque  - crash, collision, clash, conflict, shock 
desentono  (de colores)
coincidencia  (de datos) - coincidence 
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