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2 Translation results for cierre in English

sustantivo | verbo

cierre sustantivo

closing, closure; fastener, clasp, zipper

cerrar verbo

to close, to shut; to close up, to lock up; to turn off; to close down; to bring to an end

Reverse translation for cierre

closing  - venta 
closure  - cierre, clausura, fin 
fastener  - cierre, sujetador 
clasp  - broche, cierre, apretón, abrazo 
zipper  - cierre, cremallera, zíper 
to close  - cerrar, cerrarse, concluirse, terminar 
to shut  - cerrar, cerrarse 
to close up  - cerrarse del todo, acercarse 
to lock up  - encerrar, cerrar con llave 
to turn off  - apagar (la luz, la radio, etc.) 
to close down  - cerrar, cesar operaciones 
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