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noun | verb

care noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
inquietud, preocupación; cuidado, atención; cargo

Example sentences of
care noun

  • She used care in selecting a doctor for her son.
  • The children have inadequate medical care and little formal education.
  • We need to provide poor people with better dental care.
  • She wrote a book about car care.
  • With proper care, the machine should last a decade or more.
  • She is an expert on skin care.
  • She knows a lot about the care and feeding of horses.
  • She looks as if all the cares of the world are on her shoulders.

Detailed synonyms for care noun

Care, concern, anxiety, worry, uneasiness, disquiet significan un estado de ánimo agitado o absorto, o lo que lo causa.
  • Care indica una opresión de la mente causada por responsabilidades o aprensión <weary from care>.
  • Concern indica un estado de ánimo agitado, así como el interés, la relación, el afecto o la responsabilidad que lo produce <your happiness is my only concern>.
    antonyms: unconcern
  • Anxiety recalca una angustiada incertidumbre o temor a la desgracia o al fracaso <plagued by anxiety and self-doubt>.
    antonyms: security
  • Worry connota una prolongada inquietud sobre asuntos que pueden o no ser motivos genuinos de ansiedad <a mother's constant worry about her children>.
  • Uneasiness indica incertidumbre y un poco de presentimiento <the thunder aroused the crew's uneasiness>.
    antonyms: serenity
  • Disquiet indica ansiedad aguda <the dropping stock prices caused disquiet among the shareholders>.

care verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
cared, has cared, is caring, cares
desear, querer; importarle a uno; preocuparse, inquietarse

Example sentences of
care verb

  • He doesn't care if he gets fired.
  • I care what happens to her.
  • On Valentine's Day, send her flowers to show that you care.
  • I didn't know you cared.
  • I wouldn't care to be in your shoes right now.
  • I'm going for a walk. Would you care to join me?
  • He'll show the photos to anyone who cares to see them.
  • More factors influenced her decision than she cares to admit.

Synonyms of
care verb

¿Sabías esto?
  • To care for alguien significa ayudar o proteger a la persona. Ejemplo: The doctor cares for her patients. Pero también significa amar a alguien. Ejemplo: he says he cares for me and wants to marry me.
    To care about alguien significa estar interesado en esa persona y desear que le vaya bien, pero no significa necesariamente que sea amor . Example: Please ask John, my ex-boyfriend, if he needs help. I may not love him, but I care about him.
    Decir que uno don't care for algo significa que no te gusta. Ejemplo: I don't care for this movie (no me gusta esta película).
¿Sabías esto?
  • Cuando se dice que uno couldn’t care less sobre algo, significa que no te preocupa en absoluto, que no te importa. Ejemplo: Tom says he couldn't care less if he gets fired. (A Tom no le importa si lo echan del trabajo, no le hace diferencia).
    Algunas personas dicen could care less con el mismo significado. Ejemplo: I could care less what happens (No me importa lo que ocurre).

Phrasal verbs for care

  • care for - cuidar (de), atender, encargarse de

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Reverse translation for care

inquietud  - anxiety, uneasiness, worry, restlessness 
preocupación  - worry, concern 
cuidado  - watch out!, be careful! 
atención  - attention 
cargo  - burden, load, charge, position, office 
desear  - to wish, to want, to desire 
querer  - to want, to desire, to love, to like, to be fond of, 
preocuparse  - to worry, to be concerned 
inquietarse  - to worry, to fret 
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