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2 Translation results for cap in Spanish

noun | verb

cap noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
gorra, gorro, cachucha; tapa, tapón (de botellas), corcholata; tope, límite

Example sentences of
cap noun

  • We're wearing baseball caps to keep the sun out of our eyes.

Synonyms of
cap noun

cap verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
capped, has capped, is capping, caps
tapar (un recipiente), enfundar (un diente), cubrir (una montaña); coronar, ser el punto culminante de; limitar, poner un tope a

Example sentences of
cap verb

  • a pipe capped at one end
  • Be sure to cap the pen when you are done using it.
  • The report caps a ten-year study of lung cancer among nonsmokers.
  • a concert capped by a fantastic fireworks display
  • If the teams don't cap player salaries, the league won't survive.
  • The law would cap legal immigration.
  • The government wants to cap councils that spend too much.

Synonyms of
cap verb

Related phrases for cap

Reverse translation for cap

gorra  - bonnet, cap 
gorro  - cap 
cachucha  - cap, baseball cap 
tapa  - cover, top, lid, bar snack 
tapón  (de botellas) - cork, bottle cap, plug, stopper 
corcholata  - cap, bottle top 
tope  - limit, end, stop, check, buffer, bump, collision, speed bump 
límite  - boundary, border, limit 
tapar  (un recipiente) - to cover, to cover up, to block, to obstruct 
enfundar  (un diente) - to sheathe, to encase 
cubrir  (una montaña) - to cover 
coronar  - to crown, to reach the top of, to culminate 
limitar  - to limit, to restrict 
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