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2 Translation results for calculating in Spanish

adjective | verb

calculating adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
calculador, astuto

Synonyms of
calculating adjective

calculate verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
calculated, has calculated, is calculating, calculates
calcular, computar; hacer cálculos; creer; planear, tener la intención de

Example sentences of
calculate verb

  • The student was asked to calculate the volume of a cylinder.
  • I need to calculate how long it will take me to drive to Chicago.
  • We calculated the cost of new carpeting for the whole house.
  • We need to calculate our chances of success before we invest more money in the business.

Synonyms of
calculate verb

Detailed synonyms for calculate verb

Calculate, compute, estimate, figure significan determinar algo matemáticamente.
  • Calculate suele preferirse en relación con procesos sumamente intrincados o precisos que producen un resultado que no es inmediatamente comprobable por la confirmación física <calculated when the comet would next appear>.
  • Compute significa alcanzar un resultado exacto mediante procesos de aritmética que son más simples aunque a menudo más prolongados <computed the interest at a quarterly rate>.
  • Estimate se aplica primordialmente a la previsión de costos o de tendencias y supone la búsqueda de resultados útiles pero provisionales y aproximados <the mechanic estimated the cost of repairs>.
  • Figure, un término coloquial que es aproximadamente equivalente a estimate <he figures he spent $10,000 on the project>.

Reverse translation for calculating

calculador  - calculating 
astuto  - astute, shrewd, sly, crafty, tricky 
calcular  - to calculate, to estimate, to plan, to scheme 
computar  - to compute, to calculate 
creer  - to believe, to suppose, to think 
planear  - to glide (in the air), to plan 
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