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burn verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
burned, has burned, is burning, burns
arder (dícese de un fuego o un edificio), quemarse (dícese de la comida, etc.); quemar, incendiar; usar, gastar, consumir; estar prendido, estar encendido

Example sentences of
burn verb

  • A flame is kept constantly burning at the monument.
  • A small fire burned brightly in the fireplace.
  • There was a little stove burning in the front room.
  • I could smell smoke and knew that something was burning.
  • Be sure not to leave any candles burning when you go to bed.
  • I burned the letter when I had finished reading it.
  • The new town law makes it illegal to burn trash.
  • The wildfire has burned acres of forest.
  • Parts of the house were badly burned in the fire.
  • a material that burns easily

Synonyms of
burn verb

¿Cuál es la forma pasada de burn: burned o burnt?
  • Burned y burnt se usan alternativamente. Burned es más común en inglés americano; burnt es más común en inglés británico.

burn noun

unfavorite favorite play sound

Example sentences of
burn noun

  • He suffered severe burns on both his legs in the accident.

Phrasal verbs for burn

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Reverse translation for burn

arder  (dícese de un fuego o un edificio) - to burn, to smart, to sting, to burn 
quemarse  (dícese de la comida, etc.)
quemar  - to burn, to set fire to, to be burning hot 
incendiar  - to set fire to, to burn (down) 
usar  - to use, to make use of, to consume, to use (up), to wear 
gastar  - to spend, to consume, to use up, to squander, to waste, to wear 
consumir  - to consume 
quemadura  - burn 
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