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2 Translation results for bundle in Spanish

noun | verb

bundle noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
fardo, atado, bulto, haz (de palos); paquete; montón

Example sentences of
bundle noun

  • Whoever picks the winning ticket will win a bundle of prizes.
  • He made a bundle on the stock market.
  • A reliable car doesn't have to cost a bundle.
  • They made bundles of money.

Synonyms of
bundle noun

bundle verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
bundled, has bundled, is bundling, bundles
liar, atar

Example sentences of
bundle verb

  • Someone had bundled the wet towels into a big pile.
  • She bundled the children into the car.
  • We all bundled into the car.
  • They've increased sales by bundling their most popular programs.
  • a computer that comes with bundled software

Phrasal verbs for bundle

  • bundle up - (argot) abrigarse, arroparse, taparse

Reverse translation for bundle

fardo  - bale, bundle 
atado  - bundle, bunch, pack (of cigarettes) 
bulto  - package, bundle, piece of luggage, bag, size, bulk, volume, form, shape, lump (on the body), swelling, bulge 
haz  (de palos) - face, bundle, beam (of light) 
paquete  - package, parcel 
montón  - heap, pile, ton, load 
liar  - to bind, to tie (up), to roll (a cigarette), to confuse 
atar  - to tie, to tie up, to tie down 
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