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noun | verb

bulk noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
volumen, tamaño; fibra; mole

Example sentences of
bulk noun

  • Farming makes up the bulk of the country's economy.
  • The great bulk of these people are extremely poor.
  • Despite his bulk, he's a very fast runner.
  • We spent the bulk of the summer at the beach.

Synonyms of
bulk noun

Detailed synonyms for bulk noun

Bulk, mass, volume significan el conjunto o el todo que forma un cuerpo o una unidad.
  • Bulk indica un conjunto que es impresivamente grande, pesado o numeroso <despite all their hard labor, the bulk of the work still remained to be done>.
  • Mass connota un todo formado por el agrupamiento de cosas de un mismo tipo <the lawyers had assembled a mass of evidence>.
  • Volume se aplica a un todo carente de forma o contorno, y capaz de fluir o fluctuar <a tremendous volume of water>.

bulk verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
bulked, has bulked, is bulking, bulks
ampliarse, hincharse; hinchar

Synonyms of
bulk verb

Phrasal verbs for bulk

Related phrases for bulk

  • in bulk - en grandes cantidades, al por mayor

Reverse translation for bulk

volumen  - volume, book, capacity, size, bulk, amount, volume, loudness 
tamaño  - size 
fibra  - fiber 
mole  - mass, bulk, spicy sauce made with chilies and usually chocolate, meat served with mole sauce 
hincharse  - to swell up, to become conceited, to swell with pride 
hinchar  - to inflate, to exaggerate 
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