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3 Translation results for brown in Spanish

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brown verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
browned, has browned, is browning, browns
dorar (en cocina); dorarse (en cocina); broncear; broncearse

Example sentences of
brown verb

  • Brown the chicken in a pan with butter.
  • Her skin was browned by the sun.
  • The chicken is browning in the oven.

Synonyms of
brown verb


brown noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
marrón, café

Example sentences of
brown noun

  • The room was decorated in brown.
  • a mix of browns and reds

brown adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
marrón, café, castaño (dícese del pelo), moreno (dícese de la piel)
word of the day image
A brown wallet on a brown wooden table

Example sentences of
brown adjective

  • The door was brown.
  • There are workers whose backs are brown from long hours in the sun.

Related phrases for brown

Reverse translation for brown

dorar  (en cocina) - to gild, to brown (food) 
dorarse  (en cocina)
broncear  - to tan 
broncearse  - to get a suntan 
café  - coffee, (slang) java, coffee shop, cafe 
marrón  - brown 
café  - brown 
castaño  (dícese del pelo) - chestnut, brown 
moreno  (dícese de la piel) - brunette, dark, dark-skinned 
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