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3 Translation results for broadcast in Spanish

noun | verb | adjective

broadcast noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
transmisión, emisión; programa

Example sentences of
broadcast noun

  • Did you hear the broadcast of last night's game?
  • The judge decided to allow broadcast of the trial.

Synonyms of
broadcast noun

broadcast verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
broadcast, has broadcast, is broadcasting, broadcasts
transmitir, emitir; divulgar, difundir, propagar; esparcir, diseminar

Example sentences of
broadcast verb

  • The station broadcasts the symphony live every Friday night.
  • The interview was broadcast from London.
  • If you tell her anything about your personal life she'll broadcast it to everyone in the office.
  • broadcast fertilizer on the lawn

Detailed synonyms for broadcast verb

See: Declare

broadcast adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
de la transmisión

Reverse translation for broadcast

transmisión  - transmission, broadcast, transfer, transmission (of an automobile) 
emisión  - emission, broadcast, issue 
programa  - program, plan 
transmitir  - to transmit, to broadcast, to transmit, to broadcast, to pass on, to transfer 
emitir  - to emit, to give off, to broadcast, to issue, to cast (a vote) 
divulgar  - to spread, to circulate, to divulge, to reveal, to popularize 
difundir  - to diffuse, to spread out, to broadcast, to spread 
propagar  - to propagate, to spread, to disseminate 
esparcir  - to scatter, to spread 
diseminar  - to disseminate, to spread 
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