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bottom noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
fondo (de una caja, de una taza, del mar), pie (de una escalera, una página, una montaña), asiento (de una silla), parte de abajo (de una pila); origen, causa; trasero, nalgas

Example sentences of
bottom noun

  • Our house is at the bottom of the hill.
  • The pool is so deep I could not touch the bottom.
  • We sailed to the bottom of the bay.
  • the bottom of the garden
  • The poor baby has a rash all over his little bottom.
  • Why do I always find myself rooting for the team at the bottom of the league?
  • The company's new CEO started at the bottom and worked her way up.
  • at the bottom of the pay scale

Synonyms of
bottom noun

¿Qué significa get to the bottom de un asunto?
  • Si alguien get to the bottom de un asunto, significa que lo analizó metódicamente y llegó a entenderlo completamente. Por ejemplo: It was a serious problem, but we finally got to the bottom of it, and we will overcome it shortly.

bottom adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
más bajo, inferior, de abajo

Example sentences of
bottom adjective

  • the bottom rung of the ladder
  • Somebody's fingerprints are all along the bottom edge of the photograph.

bottom verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
bottomed, has bottomed, is bottoming, bottoms
tocar fondo

Phrasal verbs for bottom

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Reverse translation for bottom

fondo  (de una caja, de una taza, del mar) - bottom, rear, back, end, depth, background, sea bed, fund, slip, petticoat 
pie  (de una escalera, una página, una montaña) - foot, base, bottom, stem, foot, foot (in measurement), cue (in theater) 
asiento  (de una silla) - seat, chair, location, site 
parte de abajo  (de una pila)
origen  - origin, lineage, birth 
causa  - cause, reason, motive, cause, lawsuit 
trasero  - buttocks 
nalgas  - buttock 
inferior  - inferior, lower 
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