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border noun

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borde, orilla; ribete; frontera
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A welcome sign in English and Spanish on the border between Mexico and the US

Example sentences of
border noun

  • They live near the border between Poland and Slovenia.
  • He grew up in Malaysia, near the Indonesian border.
  • They live just beyond the western border of the park.
  • the border of the Sahara
  • The quilt is quite plain except for its colorful border.
  • a broad red border on each plate
  • He planted pansies in the border.

Detailed synonyms for border noun

Border, margin, verge, edge, rim, brim, brink, fringe significan una raya o parte exterior que demarca el límite de algo.
  • Border se refiere, ya sea a la parte de una superficie que está cerca de un borde o de un límite <the magazine cover's red border>, o al límite en sí <across international borders>.
  • Margin denota un borde, una anchura determinada o un carácter distintivo <the page had one-inch margins on each side>.
  • Verge se aplica a la raya que marca un límite extremo o la terminación de algo <a species on the verge of extinction>.
  • Edge denota la raya de terminación formada por dos superficies convergentes, como por ejemplo, de una navaja o de una caja <the edge of a table>.
  • Rim se aplica al borde de algo circular o curvo <the rim of a wheel>.
  • Brim se aplica al borde superior e interior de algo hueco <filled the cup to the brim>.
  • Brink denota el borde de algo que cae precipitadamente <the brink of the cliff> y puede indicar una transición abrupta <two nations on the brink of war>.
  • Fringe implica un área estrecha a lo largo de un borde <a fringe of trees on the edge of the property> o justo por encima del borde <they lived on the fringe of the forest>.

border verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
bordered, has bordered, is bordering, borders
rayar, lindar; ribetear, bordear; limitar con, lindar con

Example sentences of
border verb

  • Their property borders the park.
  • Tall trees border the avenue.
  • Two rivers border the city.

Synonyms of
border verb

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Reverse translation for border

borde  - border, edge 
orilla  - border, edge, bank (of a river), shore 
ribete  - border, trim, frill, adornment 
frontera  - border, frontier 
rayar  - to scratch, to scrawl on, to mark up, to dawn, to break 
lindar  - to border, to skirt 
ribetear  - to border, to edge, to trim 
bordear  - to border, to skirt, to border on, to line 
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