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2 Translation results for boast in Spanish

verb | noun

boast verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
boasted, has boasted, is boasting, boasts
alardear, presumir, jactarse

Example sentences of
boast verb

  • He is constantly boasting and bragging.

Synonyms of
boast verb

Detailed synonyms for boast verb

Boast, brag, crow significan expresar verbalmente orgullo en sí mismo o en los logros de uno.
  • Boast suele connotar ostentación y exageración <always boasting about the important people he knew>, pero puede indicar orgullo apropiado y justificable <the town boasts one of the best hospitals in the area>.
    antonyms: depreciate
  • Brag connota engreimiento, rudeza e ingenuidad en la glorificación de sí mismo <boys bragging about their computers>.
    antonyms: apologize
  • Crow suele indicar el jactarse triunfantemente o un fanfarroneo descarado <loved to crow about his triumphs>.

boast noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
jactancia, alarde

Example sentences of
boast noun

  • When he says he's the richest man in town, he's not just making an idle boast.
  • We were offended by his boast that he would easily beat us.
  • The museum's proudest boast is its collection of rare gems.

Reverse translation for boast

alardear  - to boast, to brag, to gloat 
presumir  - to boast, to show off, to gloat, to presume, to suppose 
jactarse  - to boast, to brag 
jactancia  - boastfulness, boasting, bragging 
alarde  - show, display 
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