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2 Translation results for blemish in Spanish

noun | verb

blemish noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
imperfección, mancha, marca

Example sentences of
blemish noun

  • The cream is supposed to prevent blemishes on the skin.
  • The table had a few scratches and minor blemishes.
  • The book fails to mention any of the organization's many blemishes.
  • The incident was a blemish on his record.

Detailed synonyms for blemish noun

Blemish, defect, flaw, blotch, stain significan una imperfección que estropea o que daña.
  • Blemish connota algo que afecta sólo la superficie o la apariencia <her skin was fair and free of blemishes>.
  • Defect indica la carencia, a menudo oculta, de algo esencial a la integridad o al funcionamiento perfecto <a mechanical defect>.
  • Flaw connota un pequeño defecto en la continuidad o la cohesión y que es susceptible de causar una falla o mal funcionamiento bajo presión <she pointed out a flaw in his reasoning>.
  • Blotch implica una mancha irregular y generalmente de color oscuro <brown blotches on her hands>.
  • Stain indica una mancha desteñida, que frecuentemente no puede removerse <a wine stain on the carpet>.

blemish verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
blemished, has blemished, is blemishing, blemishes
manchar, marcar

Example sentences of
blemish verb

  • A series of burn marks blemish the table's surface.
  • The incident blemished his reputation.

Synonyms of
blemish verb

Reverse translation for blemish

imperfección  - imperfection, defect, flaw 
mancha  - stain, spot, mark, blemish, blot, patch 
marca  - mark, brand, make, trademark, record (in sports) 
manchar  - to stain, to soil, to sully, to tarnish 
marcar  - to mark, to score, to brand (livestock), to dial, to indicate, to show, to emphasize, to dial (a telephone), to guard (an opponent), to score (a goal, a point) 
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