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beg the question verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
evitar el tema, evitar la pregunta

Example sentences of
beg the question verb

  • The poor exam results beg the question: Is our educational system working?
  • If he hates parties so much, it begs the question why he came to yours.
¿Cuándo se usa el término to beg the question?
  • To beg the question puede significar dos cosas diferentes. Se dice this situation begs the question cuando quieres indicar que tu pregunta viene como resultado directo de la situación actual. Ejemplo: We worked day and night on this project, which begs the question, why hasn't it been more successful?
    To beg the question también significa usar la falacia lógica petitio principii. Ejemplo: His argument may sound very convincing, but, in fact, he is simply begging the question. En otras palabras, está tomando la premisa por sentada.

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