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2 Translation results for balloon in Spanish

noun | verb

balloon noun

unfavorite favorite play sound

Example sentences of
balloon noun

  • I blew up a balloon but then it burst.
  • brightly colored balloons and other party decorations
¿La palabra balloon en inglés significa lo mismo que balón en español?
  • No confundir balloon en inglés con balón en español. En inglés, balloon generalmente significa una bolsa de goma llena con aire u otros gases. Para decir 'balón' en inglés se usa la palabra ball.

balloon verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
ballooned, has ballooned, is ballooning, balloons
viajar en globo; hincharse, inflarse

Example sentences of
balloon verb

  • the ballooning costs of education
  • Their credit card debt ballooned to more than $5,000.

Synonyms of
balloon verb

Related phrases for balloon

Reverse translation for balloon

globo  - globe, sphere, balloon 
hincharse  - to swell up, to become conceited, to swell with pride 
inflarse  - to swell, to become conceited 
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