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2 Translation results for balanced in Spanish

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balanced adjective

unfavorite favorite
equilibrado, balanceado

Detailed synonyms for balanced adjective

See: Fair

balance verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
balanced, has balanced, is balancing, balances
balancearse; hacer el balance de (una cuenta); balancear, equilibrar; armonizar

Example sentences of
balance verb

  • I find it difficult to balance on one foot.
  • He had trouble balancing on his skis.
  • He helped his daughter balance on her bicycle before she started peddling.
  • The legislature is still trying to balance the state's budget.
  • He balances his checkbook every month.
  • Something's wrong: the books don't balance.

Detailed synonyms for balance verb

See: Compensate

Related phrases for balanced

Reverse translation for balanced

equilibrado  - well-balanced 
balancearse  - to swing, to sway, to rock, to hesitate, to vacillate 
hacer el balance de  (una cuenta)
balancear  - to balance, to swing (one's arms, etc.), to rock (a boat) 
equilibrar  - to balance 
armonizar  - to harmonize, to harmonize, to blend together, to reconcile 
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