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noun | verb

attempt noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
intento, tentativa

Example sentences of
attempt noun

  • She failed her driving test on the first attempt but she succeeded on her second attempt.
  • Her attempt at a home-cooked meal consisted of frozen fish sticks and a can of soup.
¿Sabías esto?
  • Attempt a menudo sugiere que el esfuerzo hecho resultó en fracaso.

attempt verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
attempted, has attempted, is attempting, attempts
intentar, tratar de

Example sentences of
attempt verb

  • They've attempted a climb up Mount Everest once before.
  • She attempted suicide early in their marriage.

Synonyms of
attempt verb

Detailed synonyms for attempt verb

Attempt, try, endeavor, strive significan hacer un esfuerzo para lograr un fin.
  • Attempt recalca el inicio de un esfuerzo y connota a menudo asimismo una fuerte posibilidad de fracaso <had attempted to photograph the rare bird>.
  • Try recalca un esfuerzo o una experimentación que se hace con el fin de probar o comprobar algo <tried several times to find a solution>.
  • Endeavor intensifica las inferencias de esfuerzo y dificultad, y connota una lucha para cumplir con el deber <endeavored to find survivors of the crash>.
  • Strive indica esfuerzo sostenido contra grandes dificultades y deja entender asimismo la perseverancia <continues to strive for a lasting peace>.

Reverse translation for attempt

intento  - intent, intention, attempt, try 
tentativa  - attempt, try 
intentar  - to attempt, to try, (figurative) to take a stab at, to give it a go 
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