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assent verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
assented, has assented, is assenting, assents
asentir, consentir

Example sentences of
assent verb

  • The general proposed a detailed plan and the President assented.
  • are we to conclude from your silence that you assent?

Synonyms of
assent verb

Detailed synonyms for assent verb

Assent, consent, accede, acquiesce, agree significan coincidir en lo que se ha propuesto.
  • Assent indica un acto que supone el entendimiento o el criterio y se aplica a las proposiciones u opiniones <he assented with a nod>.
    antonyms: object
  • Consent conlleva la voluntad o las emociones, e indica conformidad con lo que se pide o se desea <they consented to their daughter's request to go on the trip>.
    antonyms: object
  • Accede indica una concesión de conformidad, a menudo bajo presión <the prison officials acceded to the prisoners' demands>.
    antonyms: demur, object
  • Acquiesce indica aceptar tácitamente o tolerar la oposición <he usually acquiesces to his wife's wishes>.
    antonyms: object
  • Agree a veces indica una disconformidad anterior, o intentos de persuadir, negociar o tratar (un asunto). <finally agreed to give him a raise>

assent noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
asentimiento, aprobación

Example sentences of
assent noun

  • A contract requires the assent of both parties.

Reverse translation for assent

asentir  - to consent, to agree 
consentir  - to consent to, to allow, to pamper, to spoil 
asentimiento  - assent, consent 
aprobación  - approval, endorsement 
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