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conjunction | preposition | sustantivo

as conjunction

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como, igual que; cuando, mientras, a la vez que; porque; aunque, por más que

Example sentences of
as conjunction

  • The letter “k” is sometimes silent, as it is in “knee.”
  • She spilled the milk just as she was getting up.
  • I met him as I was leaving.

Synonyms of
as conjunction

as preposition

unfavorite favorite play sound
de; como

Synonyms of
as preposition

as sustantivo


Reverse translation for as

como  - how, as, since, given that, if 
cuando  - when, since, if 
mientras  - while, as, as long as 
porque  - because 
aunque  - though, although, even if, even though 
de  - of, from, in, at, than 
como  - like, as 
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