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2 Translation results for arreglarse in English

verbo | verbo

arreglarse verbo

to get dressed (up)

arreglar verbo

to repair, to fix, (informal) to patch up; to tidy up, to iron out; to solve, to work out

Reverse translation for arreglarse

to repair  - reparar, arreglar, refaccionar 
to fix  - sujetar, asegurar, fijar, concretar, establecer, arreglar, reparar, preparar, amañar, fijar (los ojos, la mirada, etc.) 
to patch up  (informal)
to iron out  - (figurado) resolver, arreglar, ordenar 
to solve  - resolver, solucionar 
to work out  - hacer ejercicio, lograr, dar resultado, salir bien, solucionar, resolver, resultar, idear, planear, desarrollar 
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