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2 Translation results for apurarse in English

verbo | verbo

apurarse verbo

to hurry up, to make haste; to worry

apurar verbo

to hurry, to rush; to use up, to exhaust; to trouble

Reverse translation for apurarse

to hurry up  - apurarse, apresurarse 
to worry  - preocupar, inquietar, preocuparse, inquietarse, angustiarse 
to hurry  - apurar, darle prisa (a alguien), apurarse, darse prisa, apresurarse 
to rush  - apresurar, apurar, correr, ir de prisa, abalanzarse sobre, asaltar 
to use up  - agotar, consumir, gastar 
to exhaust  - agotar, cansar, fatigar, vaciar 
to trouble  - molestar, perturbar, inquietar, molestarse, hacer un esfuerzo, afligir, afectar 
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