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answer verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
answered, has answered, is answering, answers
contestar (a), responder (a); contestar, responder; satisfacer

Example sentences of
answer verb

  • She answered all my questions.
  • He answered only three of the test questions correctly.
  • When the police asked him his name, he refused to answer.
  • When I ask you a question I expect you to answer me!
  • Answer me this: where have you put my money?
  • I sent her a letter asking for her help, but she never answered.
  • The phone rang repeatedly, but no one answered.
  • Would somebody please answer the phone?
  • I knocked on the door but no one answered.
  • No one answered the door.

Synonyms of
answer verb

machine noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
máquina; aparato, maquinaria (en política)

Example sentences of
machine noun

  • Shovels are tools; bulldozers are machines.
  • Do you know how to operate this machine?
  • The machine is working properly.
  • He was bragging about his new machine.
  • The coach turned the team into a scoring machine.
  • My younger brother is an eating machine.
  • The brave politician dared to challenge the local party machine.
  • Their army is a well-oiled machine.