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2 Translation results for alimento in English

sustantivo | verbo

alimento sustantivo

food, nourishment

alimentar verbo

to feed, to nourish; to support (a family); to nurture, to foster

Reverse translation for alimento

food  - comida, alimento 
nourishment  - nutrición, alimento, sustento 
to feed  - comer, alimentarse, dar de comer a, nutrir, alimentar (a una persona), alimentar (un fuego o una máquina), proveer (información), introducir (datos) 
to nourish  - alimentar, nutrir, sustentar, (figurado) fomentar 
to support  (a family)
to nurture  - nutrir, alimentar, criar, educar, fomentar 
to foster  - promover, fomentar 
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