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advise verb

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advised, has advised, is advising, advises
aconsejar, asesorar; dar consejo; recomendar; informar, notificar

Example sentences of
advise verb

  • My doctor advised me to lose some weight.
  • We advised them to save their money.
  • She advises the President on foreign affairs.
  • We were thinking of buying that house, but our lawyer advised against it.
  • I advise selling your old car.
  • He advises patience when dealing with children.
  • I strongly advise you to sell your old car.
  • The boss asked us to keep him advised about how the project is going.

Synonyms of
advise verb

¿Sabías esto?
  • Tenga en cuenta la diferencia del deletreo y pronunciación entre el verbo y el sustantivo. El verbo advise (dar consejo) se deletrea con s y se pronuncia con el sonido de /z/. El sustantivo advice se deletrea con c y se pronuncia con el sonido de /s/.

Reverse translation for advise

aconsejar  - to advise, to counsel 
asesorar  - to advise, to counsel 
recomendar  - to recommend, to advise 
informar  - to report, to inform 
notificar  - to notify, to inform 
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