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3 Translation results for abuse in Spanish

noun | verb | verbo

abuse noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
abuso; maltrato; insultos, improperios

Example sentences of
abuse noun

  • He subjected his wife to physical and emotional abuse.
  • The buying of votes and other election abuses were rampant this year.
  • She was subjected to every term of abuse her boss could think of.
  • The prisoner hurled abuses at the judge.

Detailed synonyms for abuse noun

Abuse, vituperation, invective significan reprobación o crítica expresada con vehemencia.
  • Abuse indica ira por parte del que habla y pone énfasis en la severidad del lenguaje usado <she had endured her husband's verbal abuse for years>.
    antonyms: adulation
  • Vituperation indica un sostenido flujo de abuso <his latest book was greeted with vituperation from the critics>.
    antonyms: acclaim, praise
  • Invective indica una vehemencia comparable pero connota una mayor destreza verbal y retórica, y puede aplicarse a una denuncia pública <a politician known for his harsh invective>.

abuse verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
abused, has abused, is abusing, abuses
abusar de; maltratar; insultar, injuriar, denostar

Example sentences of
abuse verb

  • He was accused of sexually abusing a child.
  • He abused his body with years of heavy drinking.
  • He had abused his first car by not taking care of it.
  • She abused her friend's trust.
  • a senator who abuses his power
  • He abused my confidence by letting this secret be known.

Synonyms of
abuse verb

abusar verbo

to go too far, to do something to excess

Reverse translation for abuse

abuso  - abuse, injustice, outrage 
maltrato  - mistreatment, abuse 
insultos  - insult 
improperios  - affront, insult 
maltratar  - to mistreat, to abuse, to damage, to spoil 
insultar  - to insult 
injuriar  - to insult, to revile 
denostar  - to revile 
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