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2 Translation results for absorbing in Spanish

adjective | verb

absorbing adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
absorbente, fascinante

Example sentences of
absorbing adjective

  • shell collecting can be so absorbing that you don't notice the tide coming in

absorb verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
absorbed, has absorbed, is absorbing, absorbs
absorber, embeber (un líquido), amortiguar (un golpe, la luz); asimilar
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A tree absorbs water through its roots.

Example sentences of
absorb verb

  • It's a fabric that absorbs sweat.
  • The walls are made of a material that absorbs sound.
  • The solar panels are absorbing heat from the sun.
  • She is good at absorbing information.
  • He has retained the values that he absorbed as a young man.
  • The United States is a country that has absorbed many immigrants.
  • Some smaller countries were invaded and absorbed by bigger ones.
  • His interest in photography absorbs him completely.
  • I was so absorbed by her story that I lost track of time.

Synonyms of
absorb verb

¿Qué significa estar absorbed en algo?
  • Si estás absorbed in en algo, estás completamente involucrado en él. Por ejemplo: He quickly found himself absorbed in the movie.

Detailed synonyms for absorb verb

Absorb, imbibe, assimilate, ingest, soak up significan embeber, incorporar algo dentro de uno mismo, imbuyéndose de ello.
  • Absorb connota a menudo cierta pérdida de identidad por parte de lo que se incorpora o un enriquecimiento por parte de aquél que lo incorpora <the lotion is absorbed quickly by the skin>.
    antonyms: dissipate o, energías, etc.)
  • Imbibe indica embeber o empaparse de algo y puede también dar a entender una absorción inconsciente cuyo efecto puede ser significativo o profundo <children imbibe the values of their parents>.
    antonyms: ooze, exude
  • Assimilate pone énfasis en la incorporación dentro de la sustancia del cuerpo o de la mente <had to assimilate a mass of data in a brief time>.
  • Ingest connota el tomar o tragar como para la digestión y a veces se usa figuradamente <she could ingest large amounts of information quickly>.
  • Soak up connota la admisión por succión o absorción <lay on the grass soaking up the sunshine>.

Reverse translation for absorbing

absorbente  - absorbent, absorbing, engrossing 
fascinante  - fascinating 
absorber  - to absorb, to soak up, to occupy, to take up, to engross 
embeber  (un líquido) - to absorb, to soak up, to shrink 
amortiguar  (un golpe, la luz) - to soften (an impact) 
asimilar  - to assimilate 
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