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able adjective

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capaz, hábil; competente

Example sentences of
able adjective

  • He will buy a new car as soon as he is able.
  • He turned out to be an able editor.
  • She is one of the ablest lawyers in the firm.

Synonyms of
able adjective

Detailed synonyms for able adjective

Able, capable, competent, qualified, proficient significan tener capacidad o idoneidad para trabajar.
  • Able indica una capacidad superior a la media, según se ha demostrado en la ejecución de un trabajo <an able Shakespearean actress>.
    antonyms: inept, unable
  • Capable indica que uno posee las cualidades necesarias para realizar un trabajo determinado, pero sin connotar una capacidad sobresaliente <they were all capable of excellent work>.
    antonyms: incapable
  • Competent y qualified connotan la experiencia o capacitación necesarias para el desempeño adecuado de una acción <a leap that any competent ballet dancer can execute> <seek help from a qualified medical professional>.
    antonyms: incompetent, unqualified
  • Proficient implica tener una competencia completa derivada del entrenamiento y de la práctica <she was proficient in French>.
    antonyms: incompetent

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Reverse translation for able

capaz  - capable, able, competent, spacious 
hábil  - able, skillful, working 
competente  - competent, able 
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