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2 Translation results for wire in Spanish

noun | verb

wire noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
alambre; cable (eléctrico o telefónico); telegrama, cable

Example sentences of
wire noun

  • The flowers were bound together with thin wire.
  • There was a wire sticking out of the chair.
  • A telephone wire had fallen on the road during the storm.
  • A short black wire connects the computer's monitor to its keyboard.
  • The undercover officer wore a wire to her meeting with the drug dealer.

Synonyms of
wire noun

wire verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
wired, has wired, is wiring, wires
instalar el cableado en (una casa, etc.); atar con alambre; telegrafiar, mandarle un telegrama (a alguien)

Example sentences of
wire verb

  • The house will be wired next week.
  • My room is wired for cable.
  • The microphone is wired to the speaker.
  • You can wire the generator to a car battery.
  • Her jaw was wired shut after the accident.
  • She wired the money home to Canada.
  • When you get in to town, wire me.
  • Can you wire me $300?

Synonyms of
wire verb

Related phrases for wire

Reverse translation for wire

alambre  - wire 
cable  (eléctrico o telefónico) - cable 
telegrama  - telegram 
cable  - cable 
instalar el cableado en  (una casa, etc.)
telegrafiar  - to telegraph 
mandarle un telegrama  (a alguien)
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