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noun | adjective

solid noun

unfavorite favorite play sound

Example sentences of
solid noun

  • She couldn't eat solids after the surgery.

solid adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
macizo; tridimensional; compacto, denso; sólido; seguido, continuo; unánime; serio, fiable; puro

Example sentences of
solid adjective

  • Concrete is a solid material.
  • When ice melts, it passes from a solid to a liquid form.
  • I was on a liquid diet when I was sick because I couldn't digest solid food.
  • I was glad to get off the plane and back on solid ground.
  • The pond was frozen solid.
  • The ring is solid gold.
  • a chunk of solid marble
  • I prefer solid colors like blue or green instead of plaids and stripes.
  • Students need a solid foundation in language skills

Detailed synonyms for solid adjective

See: Firm, Valid

Related phrases for solid

Reverse translation for solid

sólido  - solid 
macizo  - solid, strong, strapping, massive 
tridimensional  - three-dimensional, 3-D 
compacto  - compact 
denso  - dense, thick 
sólido  - solid, firm, sturdy, well-made, sound, well-founded 
seguido  - consecutive, successive, straight, unbroken 
continuo  - continuous, steady, constant, continued 
unánime  - unanimous 
serio  - serious, earnest, reliable, responsible, important 
fiable  - trustworthy, reliable 
puro  - pure, plain, simple, sheer, only, just 
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