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serious adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
serio; dedicado; grave

Example sentences of
serious adjective

  • “You sound terrible.” “It's just a bad cold. Nothing serious.”
  • For my brother, not going to college was a serious mistake.
  • Crime is a serious problem in this neighborhood.
  • The team is a serious contender for the championship.
  • If you want to quit smoking, you have to make a serious effort.
  • They had a serious conversation about their relationship.
  • a serious novel about modern life
  • The story raises serious questions about our system of justice.
  • Dog shows are a serious business.
  • She is a serious cyclist who rides 200 miles each week.

Detailed synonyms for serious adjective

Serious, grave, solemn, sedate, staid, sober, earnest, somber, no-nonsense, weighty significan que no es ligero o frívolo.
  • Serious indica una atención hacia lo que realmente importa <prefers romance novels to serious fiction>.
    antonyms: light, flippant
  • Grave indica tanto seriedad como dignidad en la manera de expresarse o en la actitud <a grave, unsmiling man>.
  • Solemn connota una gravedad impresionante que es libre de toda frivolidad <the funeral was a solemn occasion>.
  • Sedate indica una seriedad serena y decorosa <the bride remained sedate amidst the frenzy of activity>.
    antonyms: flighty
  • Staid connota una sobriedad firme y acostumbrada, y un escrupuloso autocontrol <her dinner parties were staid affairs>.
  • Sober recalca la seriedad de propósito y la ausencia de toda ligereza o frivolidad <a sober look at the situation>.
  • Earnest connota sinceridad de propósito, y a menudo, el celo <an earnest young minister>.
  • Somber puede implicar un humor que varía desde serio hasta lúgubre y deprimido <the mood in the office on the day after the announcement was somber>.
  • No-nonsense, un término informal, describe una actitud enfáticamente práctica y metódica <the new boss brought a no-nonsense approach to the department>.
  • Weighty indica gran importancia <there are several weighty matters still on the senate's agenda>.

Reverse translation for serious

serio  - serious, earnest, reliable, responsible, important 
grave  - grave, important, serious, somber, serious (of an illness) 
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