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verb | preposition

save verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
saved, has saved, is saving, saves
salvar, rescatar; preservar, conservar; guardar, ahorrar (dinero), almacenar (alimentos); guardar (en informática)

Example sentences of
save verb

  • He is trying to save his marriage by going to counseling for his drug addiction.
  • She saved a tense situation by staying calm.
  • Thinner computer monitors save space.
  • She would rather save than spend.
  • Save a little money for later.
  • She saves part of her pay every week.
  • She saved $15 at the grocery store by using coupons.
  • I saved $20,000 for a down payment on the house.
  • Be sure to save some cookies for your sister.

Detailed synonyms for save verb

1. Save, preserve, conserve, safeguard significan mantener a salvo de daño, del deterioro o de la pérdida.
  • Save en esta conexión, puede indicar el tomar ciertas medidas para proteger contra el peligro de pérdida, daño o destrucción <saved his papers in a vault>.
    antonyms: spend, consume
  • Preserve recalca una resistencia contra las agencias destructoras, e indica el uso de métodos y esfuerzos para mantener una cosa intacta o en existencia <preserve food for winter use>.
  • Conserve connota el mantener a salvo y en buen estado, e indica el evitar el uso innecesario o el desperdicio, la pérdida o el daño <made every effort to conserve fuel>.
    antonyms: waste, squander
  • Safeguard frecuentemente connota el tomar precauciones contra los peligros que son meramente posibles <the importance of safeguarding our basic rights>.
2. See: Rescue

save preposition

unfavorite favorite play sound
salvo, excepto, menos

Example sentences of
save preposition

  • We had no hope save one.
  • everyone save me is going to the party

Synonyms of
save preposition

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Reverse translation for save

salvar  - to save, to rescue, to cover (a distance), to get around (an obstacle), to overcome (a difficulty), to cross, to jump across 
rescatar  - to rescue, to save, to recover, to get back 
preservar  - to preserve, to protect 
conservar  - to preserve, to keep, to conserve 
guardar  - to guard, to maintain, to preserve, to put away, to save, to keep (a secret or promise) 
ahorrar  (dinero) - to save (money), to save up, to spare, to conserve 
almacenar  (alimentos) - to store, to put in storage 
guardar  (en informática) - to guard, to maintain, to preserve, to put away, to save, to keep (a secret or promise) 
salvo  - except (for), save 
excepto  - except 
menos  - except, minus 
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