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3 Translation results for rush in Spanish

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rush noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
prisa, apuro; ráfaga (de aire), torrente (de aguas), avalancha (de gente); demanda; carga (en futbol americano); junco (planta)
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Rush hour is when many people rush to work or back home, and the streets are crowded.

Example sentences of
rush noun

  • She is in a terrible rush to complete her work by the weekend.
  • The rush of water swept the bridge away.

Synonyms of
rush noun

rush verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
rushed, has rushed, is rushing, rushes
apresurar, apurar; correr, ir de prisa; abalanzarse sobre, asaltar

Example sentences of
rush verb

  • Firefighters rushed to the accident scene.
  • The children rushed down the stairs.
  • I rushed home from work to get ready for the party.
  • She rushed to close the window when she heard the rain.
  • We were rushing to catch the bus.
  • He got nervous because they rushed him.
  • He rushed through his work and made a lot of careless mistakes.
  • Water rushed through the pipes.
  • The rushing water broke through the barrier.

Synonyms of
rush verb

Detailed synonyms for rush verb

See: Haste

rush adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound

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Reverse translation for rush

prisa  - hurry, rush, haste 
apuro  - predicament, jam, rush, hurry, embarrassment 
ráfaga  (de aire) - gust (of wind), flash, burst 
torrente  (de aguas) - torrent 
avalancha  (de gente) - avalanche 
demanda  - demand, petition, request, lawsuit 
carga  (en futbol americano) - loading, freight, load, cargo, burden, responsibility, charge, attack, charge 
junco  (planta) - reed, rush, junk (boat) 
apresurar  - to quicken, to speed up 
apurar  - to hurry, to rush, to use up, to exhaust, to trouble 
correr  - to run, to race, to travel over, to cover, to move, to slide, to roll, to draw (curtains), to rush, to flow 
asaltar  - to assault, to mug, to rob 
urgente  - urgent 
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