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run verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
ran, has run, is running, runs
correr; circular; pasar; llevar en coche; funcionar, ir; hacer funcionar (un motor, etc.); durar; echar; desteñir, despintar (dícese de los colores); dirigir, llevar (un negocio, etc.); extenderse; tender (un cable, etc.)

Example sentences of
run verb

  • How fast can you run?
  • He runs faster than anyone else on the team.
  • She ran up the stairs to get her jacket.
  • We ran for the train—but missed it.
  • I heard her scream and ran to help.
  • She ran to me for help.
  • The dog ran away from me.
  • The dog ran toward me.
  • When I called the dog, he came running.
  • Don't expect me to come running every time you want something. I'm not your servant.
  • We ran for the train-but missed it.
¿Sabías esto?
  • Tenga en cuenta que la forma en el pasado es ran.
¿Sabías esto?
  • Si tu haces un run for una posición, significa que te presentas como candidato para esa posición. Por ejemplo: She ran for president twice and failed, but she is considering running again in the next election.

Detailed synonyms for run verb

See: Conduct

run noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
carrera; vuelta, paseo (en coche), viaje (en avión); serie; gran demanda; tipo; carrera (en béisbol); carrera (en una media)

Example sentences of
run noun

  • He goes for a six-mile run every evening.
  • She took the dogs out for a run.

Synonyms of
run noun

Phrasal verbs for run

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Reverse translation for run

correr  - to run, to race, to travel over, to cover, to move, to slide, to roll, to draw (curtains), to rush, to flow 
circular  - to circulate, to move along, to drive 
pasar  - to pass, to give, to pass, to go by, to come by, to pass (a test), to come in, to enter, to happen, to go over, to cross, to manage, to get by, to spend (time), to tolerate, to be over, to end, to go through, to suffer, to show (a movie, etc.), to overtake, to 
funcionar  - to function, to run, to work, (informal, figurative) to do the trick 
ir  - to go, to lead, to extend, to stretch, to work, to function, to get on, to get along 
hacer funcionar  (un motor, etc.)
durar  - to last, to endure 
echar  - to start off, to throw, to cast, to hurl, to throw out, to expel, to emit, give off, to sprout, to put forth, to fire, to dismiss, to put in, to add 
desteñir  - to run, to fade 
despintar  (dícese de los colores) - to strip the paint from 
dirigir  - to direct, to lead, to address, to aim, to point, to conduct (music) 
llevar  (un negocio, etc.) - to have, to lead, to take away, to carry, to wear, to take, to lead 
extenderse  - to spread, to last 
tender  (un cable, etc.) - to spread out, to lay out, to hang out (clothes), to lay (cables, etc.), to set (a trap) 
carrera  - run, running, race, course of study, career, profession, run (in baseball) 
vuelta  - turn, circle, revolution, flip, turn, bend, curve, return, round, lap (in sports or games) 
paseo  (en coche) - walk, stroll, ride, outing, trip, avenue, walk 
viaje  (en avión) - trip, journey 
serie  - series, serial 
tipo  - type, kind, sort, figure, build, appearance, rate, (printing) type, typeface, style, model, guy 
carrera  (en béisbol) - run, running, race, course of study, career, profession, run (in baseball) 
carrera  (en una media) - run, running, race, course of study, career, profession, run (in baseball) 
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